Monday, December 29, 2008

The beginning....

The begining.

I got ready for the dance that night. However, this night I had one goal in mind... find a date to go horseback riding.

I was quite fond of a Nevadian. We had gone on a few dates. We met country dancing at Rick's college. His name was Tory, and boy could he dance. I had made arrangments to go horseback riding. I had the date set. Unfortunately Tory was unable to go, later I found out he lied. What a tripped out, the shallow way of getting out of a date. So tonight I was on a mission... to find a cowboy to go horseback riding.

I finally arrived at Retrix, the local dance club. I was scoping the club, and before I knew it I seen the good lookin cowboy across the way. He was wearing a black cowboy hat and boy did he look good. I mosied my way over to him. I asked if he would like to dance. The first question I asked was what he did. I found out that he was a horse trainer. I thought, "perfect! He will certainly know how to ride a horse." Before I knew it I was asking him what he was doing that coming weekend. I was hoping to have a date, but I was shot down. He had to attend a horsemanship clinic over by Boise. Well, I was out of options.... so I thought.

The next day I started scheming. I called up a friend of mine, hoping he was around for the summer. I was talking to his roommate Dave, he seemed like a nice guy. I asked him if he rode, he said yes. Then I asked him if he wanted to go horseback riding. He informed me he didn't go on blind dates. Yes, imagine that! A guy who wouldn't want to go on a date with someone he has never met, or rather seen. I guilted him into going with me. YES, I had a date.

Well, the date went well, all except for the horseback ride. I am not so experienced, wishing this guy was brave enough to get on the beast. Come to find out the horse hadn't been rode in hmmmmm well a year and a half. It was difficult to get the bridle on him, but it was a task accomplished just fine. I climbed on the beast; he lunged forward and before I knew it I was on the ground. Bruised and my pride broken, and Dave looking quite uncertain about what it is we are doing. We scratched the horseback ride, and decided to go to Green Canyon Hot Springs instead. Good choice! To be continued:

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